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Delta Management Consultants requests your permission to store your personal data (e.g. contact details, curriculum vitae, photo, date of birth, qualifications, diplomas, etc.) in our Delta Candidates Database. These data are needed in order for us to professionally advise you on all aspects of redirecting your career and for us to be able to contact you in connection with executive search projects and include you in the list of candidates being considered. This consent does not include consent to share your personal data with clients.
Delta Management Consultants requests your permission to share your personal data with clients on a project-by-project basis. We use only secure and private communication channels, such as encrypted e-mail and secure data rooms accessible only to such persons commissioned by our clients and entrusted with the executive search. Your data will never be made available to third parties without your explicit consent.
Delta Management Consultants has many years' experience of working with candidates in a spirit of trust. We would therefore like to make you aware of interesting search mandates and career options or seek your professional advice and recommendations for the filling of executive positions. To do this we would like to contact you electronically – by e-mail and/or social media, or by phone or "traditional media" – letter or mail. We would very much like to have your permission to do so. We will never share your personal data with external third parties. If we do ever commission external service providers to handle this, we will contact you separately to seek your consent in advance.

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